Delaware Law Dogs LE/MC 
 Respect all - Fear None

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The goal of the Club is to generate an increased level of enthusiasm for riding motorcycles. To hold events that are intended to promote moral and safe riding among Law Enforcement Personnel, Emergency Service Personnel, Fire Fighters, Corrections and civilians that have a high regard for such personnel. We are a non-profit organization that raises money for Charity Organizations of the Clubs choice.

We are NOT a 1% club, nor do we claim to be. We are proud to wear our colors with the State rocker because many of us carry badges which plainly proclaim our service to the State. Many of us have fought, bled and sacrificed for our communities. Some of us have saved lives, a few of us have had to take lives but ALL of us would GIVE our lives to protect the people of our communities. We have EARNED the right to wear our colors.