Delaware Law Dogs LE/MC 
 Respect all - Fear None

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To be considered for membership

You must have ownership rights to and ride a motorcycle. Any make of motorcycle is allowed for membership into The Club, however due to the type of riding, it would be more practical to own cruiser style. 

You must be a full-time, part-time or reserve Police Officer with powers of arrest (including Armed Forces Law Enforcement personnel); or, retired or vested Police Officer from a full-time Law Enforcement Agency; or, retired, full-time or part-time Firefighter; or, Emergency Medical Personnel or full-time Corrections Officer or Enforcement Officer. We may also accept a limited number of civilians (Background Check Required) who have a high regard and respect for the work that we do. 

You must be properly licensed to ride and operate a motorcycle and be able to provide, upon request, proof of insurance. 

Before becoming a full-fledged member, you must fulfill the following:

  • Complete the proper paperwork.
  • If approved, you will receive your bottom "rocker" which you will sew onto a plain black leather vest within 10 days.
  • Once you have sewn on the bottom rocker, you will enter the prospecting phase of your initiation. You will be required to wear your vest at all times while riding with the Club. Again, the length of time is up to the discretion of the Officers and Membership Committee.
  • At any time during your membership or prospecting, you may be terminated from the club at the discretion of the Officers. We do not tolerate illegal activity or disrespect to any member, the public or other Clubs.

NOTE: Meeting these minimum qualifications does NOT guarantee membership -- membership is NOT automatic.


Those whom meet the above requirements and would like to join the Delaware Law Dogs Chapter, feel free to contact us through our website